Pre-Conference Workshop

First Day of Fieldwork – Trento, 7 June 2023, 3-7 p.m.
Organized by: Elena Fontanari, Federico Rahola, Andrea Mubi Brighenti

With this workshop, we invite early-stage scholars who have already conducted
some empirical research to share their experiences with the “first step” of an
ethnographic work. The point is to elaborate on, and become reflective about, the
difficulties and the opportunities that contact with one’s research field offers. The
workshop is not a paper presentation session, so please be aware that it will be
impossible for you to discuss the whole of your research project. Rather, the
workshop is designed to facilitate transversal reflections on the nexus of theory,
method and inquiry that contradistinguishes ethnography. Roughly, the meeting is
structured as follows:

  • roundtable with presentations (2-3 mins each): briefly introduce yourself,
    your background and current research topic;
  • first day of fieldwork (5-8 mins each): tell us about your encounter with the
    fieldwork, including practicalities of access, limitations, predicaments,
    unforeseen chances etc.;
  • open discussion and questions;
  • lessons for ethnography (5 mins each): what can we learn from the reported
    experiences, and how do they connect to issues discussed in the literature;
  • more discussion and comments;
  • Wrap-up and conclusions by the organizers.

.If you are interested, please send an email by May 26th,

with your CV and a one-page motivation letter .

.subject: Pre-conference workshop.